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Usage of academic licenses

Asked by David Papp on 27 Mar 2018
Latest activity Commented on by Andreas Goser on 28 Mar 2018
Dear All, Dear MathWorks,
I am doing my thesis at a company, where Matlab is available, although, the number of licenses are limited. Am I allowed to use my own academic license within company premises for my project? I am being employed as a intern via my university, conducting a fully academic research.
Thanks for the answer.


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Answer by Andreas Goser on 28 Mar 2018
Edited by Andreas Goser on 28 Mar 2018
 Accepted Answer

David, I can tell you only about one item being clearly not OK:
It is not allowed to install and activitate the academic license on a computer owned by the company.
That does however not allow a conclusion about whether you can use MATLAB on your own machine within the company / company's network, at is related to the nature of your work. I suggest you contact the MathWorks sales representative of either the university or the company to get guidance.


Walter Roberson
on 28 Mar 2018
Note that the matter here has to do with ownership, not with location. It would be valid for your university to provide the computer for use at the company.
Ownership would have to continue to be the university for the duration -- which would mean, for example, that in cases of policy clashes (such as privacy policy) between the university and the company, that the university policy would have to be given priority.
Andreas Goser on 28 Mar 2018
I contacted the sales person of the university and he will reach out to David with some tips

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