How do I stabilize an inverted Pendulum linked to a wheel in Simscape and Simulink?

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Hi, I am trying to simulate a inverted Pendulum that is linked to a rotating cylindric plate via a revolute joint. The pendulum starts with an angle of 0°(straight downwards) and the target angle(straight upwards) is pi. My input signal is a torque on a wheel. I have created a control system that uses the outputs pendulum-angle and angular velocity to tilt the pendulum up. Once it reaches the target angle it destabalizes though.
I need help creating a stabilizing control loop or improving my currend control system.
I am using Simscape for the Mechanical System definition and Simulink for the control structures.

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Nicolas Schmit
Nicolas Schmit am 27 Mär. 2018
  1. Configure the cylindrical and revolute joints so that the system starts in an equilibrium position, with the pendulum upward.
  2. Give a small initial angle (a few degrees) to the pendulum, and see if your controller reacts as expected.
  3. Set the proportional feedback gain so that the controller creates a torque that counteracts the displacement from the equilibrium position.
  4. Set the derivative gain so that the controller damps the oscillations.

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