How to add Common gear to a Simulink Multibody imported from Solidworks?

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Modeled a SCORBOT in Solidworks for a class I am taking, was able to import into Simulink with no issues. Trying to connect the gears that cause main body of robot to rotate around base. Connected the 'common gear' block several different ways between the two spur gears, but continue to get: "['Robot_with_Gear']: Following errors were found in the model Robot_with_Gear. Caused by: ['Robot_with_Gear']: * Model not assembled: position violation * Resolve this issue in order to simulate the model.
The files attached are of the assembly after importing to simulink, one before adding the 'common gear' block and one for after.

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Nicolas Schmit
Nicolas Schmit am 23 Mär. 2018
The port F of the common gear constraint should be connected to the port B (not F) of Revolute1. Connecting the common gear constraint to the port F of Revolute1 jams your mechanism because the port F is rigidly connected to the base. Also, check that the xy planes of the two reference frames connected by the common gear constraint are coplanar.
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Usman Saleem
Usman Saleem am 4 Sep. 2020
Hey, I was designing a mechanism and came across the same error. No matter where I attach the gear constraint, simulink gives me the same error. Should I make a separate question? I was wondering if you figured it out somehow?

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