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import csv into mate

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Carlos_conde am 15 Mär. 2018
Kommentiert: Carlos_conde am 15 Mär. 2018
Hello all,
I have some problems to read the first column of multiples csv files and combine them in another matrix. Please find attached five *csv files and the code that I wrote to do it. If you run the code, the matrix A only contains one column.
Could you please help me?

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KL am 15 Mär. 2018
Bearbeitet: KL am 15 Mär. 2018
You're overwriting A everytime. Before you start the loop define A as a cell array,
A = cell(numFiles,1)
and then inside the loop, use it like,
A{i,1} = csvread...
and outside the loop covert it into a matrix,
A = cell2mat(A);
Keep in mind, I assume all your files have same number of columns with numeric data.
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Carlos_conde am 15 Mär. 2018
Thanks for your answer. You have solved my problem :)

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