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Is it possible to build a Matlab-GUI completely with HTML and CSS?

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Oemer Aran
Oemer Aran on 14 Mar 2018
Edited: TADA on 3 Nov 2018
Hello Everyone!
I read some articles on Undocumented Matlab Page and the compatibility with Java Swing and some HTML/CSS support.
But I am searching for a Matlab application which GUI is completely written and compatible with HTML, CSS and maybe even JavaScript. My goal is it to have full control of how my application looks like and I am most experienced with the Web-Standards and languages. Whats the best way to achieve this?
I want to customize ui-elements as much as possible and also provide a responsive design. For example, Button-Radius, Shadows, Transparency, onHover-Effects etc. This is very easy and straight-forward with CSS.
Is something like this possible with Matlab?


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Yair Altman
Yair Altman on 24 Mar 2018
The latest Matlab GUI (created using the App Designer tool or the uifigure function) is based on HTML, JavaScript and CSS - not on Java Swing. You can read about this here:
Yair Altman Undocumented Matlab

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Oemer Aran
Oemer Aran on 26 Mar 2018
Hey Yair,
I have been browsing through your website a lot and don't know how I could miss that! Thanks for pointing out. I was trying out the App Designer lately as well.
Do you have any experience with the approach I mentioned here?

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