how to call for the value of a variable from another script and perform mathematical operations from it.

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sravanthi mopati
sravanthi mopati on 11 Mar 2018
Edited: sravanthi mopati on 11 Mar 2018
here is code for the function that i have written:
function f = scale(m)
f = (m*sf)+ao;
it gives an error saying : too many output arguments
the code from where I am getting those attributes is as shown below.
data = netcdf.getVar(ncid1,j);
[varname, xtype, dimid, natt] = netcdf.inqVar(ncid1, j);
sf = netcdf.getAtt(ncid1,j,'scale_factor');
ao = netcdf.getAtt(ncid1,j,'add_offset');

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