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Matlab Compiler or Simulink Coder which would I need?

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My current model is build in Simulink in combination with the SimPowerSystems toolbox and also contains matlab code.
I want to run this model on a separate machine because my development machine is a little sluggish and I want to work while my simulations are running. I do not have the money for a separate full license and as such am looking for creating standalone executables which I can feed with parameter files. I do not need the data output displayed on the running machine. Data analysis I will do on my development machine.
In my search I came across two mathworks products, both of which can create standalone executables but I am confused as to which one I need or maybe both?
I believe the matlab compiler is for matlab code only (i.e. the .m files) while simulink coder can deal with the simulink models.
But would Simulink Coder also be able to deal with the SimPowerSystems toolbox? I am inclined to think so because according to the demo it can work with SimScape but I am not taking anything for granted. Wouldn't be the first time I buy a licence only to find out I have bought the wrong one or need additional ones.
And if both would work to achieve my goal which one is better?
thanks in advance

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Kaustubha Govind
Kaustubha Govind on 16 May 2012
MATLAB Compiler and MATLAB Coder do not support Simulink models for code generation at all. Simulink Coder is the right product for you. If you are concerned that the SimPowerSystems features that you are using may not work with Simulink Coder, I would recommend getting a demo license to ensure that it is what you need and get a full license only when you're satisfied.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 16 May 2012
Skipping the question of which is more appropriate for you:
MATLAB Compiler, MATLAB Coder, and Simulink Coder are all expensive products. They are probably not going to be less expensive than getting a (single) new license.
The three products are also not available for the Student Version: they require the Academic license or the full Professional license.
The terms and conditions under which someone could use an Academic license to compile something on your behalf are a bit muddy. My interpretation has been that it is only permitted to the extent that compiling the code would be for the benefit of the academic institution (e.g., used to teach or for research by the professors). (A student graduating is for the benefit of the student, not the institution.)
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Dirk kok
Dirk kok on 16 May 2012
Thanks for the insight but it does not answer the core question. I have removed the reference to "the poor student" in my question because I feel that it would take over the topic and what I want to know is:
What do I need to accomplish my goal? And lets assume I want an additional toolbox.
Which addition to what I currently use will do what I want, which is to run a standalone application on another computer?
1. Matlab Compiler
2. Matlab Coder (had not seen that one)
3. Simulink Coder
4. A combination of the above
5. All of the above
6. None of the above
Thanks in advance.

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