Reconstruct an image after finding seam to remove in seam carving

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Jiehao Zhu
Jiehao Zhu am 25 Feb. 2018
Beantwortet: Mahmoud Afifi am 7 Mai 2020
In the seam carving algorithm, I've found the index of the seam to remove from an image. How would i go about reconstructing the image now without the seam?
I've attempted to do something like this where the new image contains all original image coordinates and when i reach the seam's index, i skip ahead by 1 and set that as the next value. However, doing this just shows me a couple of pixels that have been reconstructed and not the entire image
newimage = zeros(x,y-1); for i=1:x r=remove(i); for j=1:y if j==r newimage(i,j)=img(i,j+1); else newimage(i,j)=img(i,j); end end end

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Mahmoud Afifi
Mahmoud Afifi am 7 Mai 2020
Check this Code


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