Random Generation of Binary Orthogonal Matrix of Size n * n with Matlab

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Hiba Basim Alwan
Hiba Basim Alwan on 24 Feb 2018
Commented: Uri Cohen on 25 Jul 2019
Dear all...
How can I generate random binary orthogonal matrix of size n * n with matlab?

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Guillaume on 24 Feb 2018
Edited: James Tursa on 22 Mar 2018
I'm not a mathematician so I could be completely wrong but aren't square binary orthogonal matrices just permutations of the rows (or columns) of the identity matrix?
If yes,
m = eye(n);
m = m(randperm(n), :)
This certainly generates random binary orthogonal matrices of size nxn. Whether it can generate all the possible ones, I don't know.

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javad ebrahimi
javad ebrahimi on 24 Feb 2018
Hi Hiba Basim Alwan
this code can help you: for n=10
C = rand(10)
Y = round(C)
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Guillaume on 24 Feb 2018
That does produce a matrix that is binary and random, but certainly not orthogonal (which is the difficult bit of the question).
randi([0 1], n)
is a simpler way of producing a binary matrix.

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