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Fuzzy Min Max Neural Network

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keenN am 11 Mai 2012
Kommentiert: Sumitra am 23 Mär. 2024
Hello, Does anyone know how to implement matlab code for fuzzy min max neural network? It looks like feed-forward NN, but i am stuck on how to start building the basic network, especially on how to create two connections for each node in the first layer to the second layer's node. If anyone has implemented the network on matlab, i hope you could share it. Thanks
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Sumitra am 23 Mär. 2024
i also need help for implementation of Fuzzy Min max Neural network.

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Win co
Win co am 12 Mai 2012
Hi,If you want to create a fuzzy inference system, you can use the command "fuzzy" to call FIS Editor. Take a look at help of FIS Editor. Winn


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