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function value for a gaussian fit

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Trishal Zaveri
Trishal Zaveri am 3 Feb. 2018
Kommentiert: Image Analyst am 3 Feb. 2018
I was wondering where does the function value go when fitting a gaussian line. I have a graph and it gives me the equation for that line as well as the coefficient terms (a1, b1, c1, etc.), but it does not give me the overall function value. I have to manually plug in all of the coefficients to find the value. Is there a better way to find this value without having to calculate it by hand (for a gaussian fit)? I appreciate any help.
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst am 3 Feb. 2018
Help us help you by attaching your data, code, and a screenshot of you plotted data. Are you fitting a histogram, or just random points that look roughly like a normal shape when plotted? Do you have the Statistics and Machine Learning toolbox to take advantage of the functions in there?

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