Can I make commands in the editor window run automatically when I press enter? Like in the command window?

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Whenever I start a new script and enter in commands, such as assigning variables, the code does not execute unless I click 'run' at the top. Is there a way to make variable assignments execute every time I press enter instead of having to click 'run' each time? Like in the command window.

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord am 30 Jan. 2018
I would stick either to selecting the line and using the existing Evaluate Selection keyboard shortcut, or write your code using code sections and use one of the shortcuts for evaluating a section. Filter the keyboard shortcuts list by typing Evaluate into the filter box to see the available shortcuts. You probably want to use either "Evaluate Current Section" or "Evaluate Current Section and Advance."

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Matthew am 10 Sep. 2018
I think you need to understand that the whole purpose of using the Editor Window is for writing programs. You can set a bunch of breakpoints and 'Debug' to see the effects of certain lines of codes on a program. This is perhaps what you meant to ask for.


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