path and user preferences not saved between Matlab sessions

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Jason am 29 Jan. 2018
Kommentiert: Jan am 31 Jan. 2018
I run Matlab on Mac by directly calling the binary in this location:
Unfortunately Matlab is not saving my path settings in between sessions even when I type "savepath". It also does not seem to save my user settings in the Preferences window. It seems like I have two pathdef files and Matlab might be editing the wrong one? How do I fix this? Another explanation is that Matlab is resetting my path file every time I close the program and call a new instance of Matlab.
>> which pathdef -all
/Applications/ % Shadowed
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Jan am 31 Jan. 2018
@Jason: If savepath runs successfully, it has written the changes to /Users/stockmann/Documents/MATLAB/pathdef.m - please check this manually. Now the changes here are not applied, when you restart Matlab - correct? Then Matlab prefers "/Applications/" at startup instead of the user defined version. Then the actual problem is the startup folder of Matlab.

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