Why I cannot use Alexnet on my images dataset

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images = imageDatastore('C:\Users\HIBA\Documents\Cancellable Biometrics\Datasets\NIST Faces 1','IncludeSubfolders',true,'LabelSource','foldernames');
[trainingImages,testingImages] = splitEachLabel(images,0.7,'randomized');
net = alexnet;
layer = 'fc7';
trainingFeatures = activations(net,trainingImages,layer,'outputAs','channels');
testFeatures = activations(net,testingImages,layer);

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 28 Jan 2018
alexnet needs R2016b or later, and requires Neural Network toolbox and requires Neural Network Toolbox Model for AlexNet Network support package

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Rabia Afzal
Rabia Afzal on 4 Feb 2018
i'm also facing the same issue. Can anyone help me in my code?
Hiba Basim Alwan
Hiba Basim Alwan on 6 Feb 2018
Dear Rabia Afzal
I run the code provided by Walter Roberson and I found that my images is not on the accepted size stated by Alexnet ([227, 227, 3], but in your mind that your images should be color images with three channels). So, I embedded the below code found on Matlab Answers in my program to fix all my images size to 227, 227.
images_set.ReadFcn=@(images_set)imresize(imread(images_set),[227 227]);

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Rasaq Kotun
Rasaq Kotun on 12 Feb 2019
i used this and changed the dimensions to 227 x 277 and worked perfectsly

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