Hi everyone, hopefully can you help me with my problem. I need to run my simulation for different "Driving cycles". Each one have a different duration. Ist there anyway to adapt the duration time according to the driving cycle?

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Carlos Vallejo
Carlos Vallejo on 26 Jan 2018
Answered: Soumya Saxena on 30 Jan 2018
for a=Fahrzyklus % Fahrzyklus come from a block in my Simulink project. if a==Fahrzyklus.NEFZ set_param('SA_Modell_ohne_Batt_diff_FZ','StopTime','1180'); elseif Fahrzyklus==Fahrzyklus.FTP75 set_param('SA_Modell_ohne_Batt_diff_FZ','StopTime','1874'); elseif Fahrzyklus==Fahrzyklus.WLTP set_param('SA_Modell_ohne_Batt_diff_FZ','StopTime','1800'); end end



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