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App Desiger vs GUIDE

Asked by Michael Haas on 22 Jan 2018
Latest activity Commented on by Michael Haas on 24 Jan 2018
I have to decide whether to use App Designer or GUIDE. Can somebody give a list of difference and pros and cons? Also, can files created with GUIDE be packaged into an app?


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Answer by Adam Filion on 23 Jan 2018
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This partly depends on the version of MATLAB you are using as App Designer has seen large improvements in recent releases. If App Designer supports what you need, use it instead of GUIDE. A few reasons:
  • MathWorks is no longer putting development effort into improving GUIDE, and hasn't for several years. Meanwhile a significant development effort is going into improving App Designer.
  • App Designer looks much better and is easier to use than GUIDE.
  • As of R2017b, App Designer can pretty much do anything GUIDE can do.
As for packaging MATLAB Apps, any interactive GUI can be packaged as an App, whether it was created with GUIDE, App Designer or manually from scratch.

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Michael Haas on 24 Jan 2018
Thanks for the quick Response.

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