Randomize a string from input

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From a past paper theres a question that asks for a string, then the blank spaces, then the first word, the to randomize the first word. I managed to do all of it except randomize the last word. I've put my code below not exactly too sure what to put here, pretty sure what I've put is wrong.
str=input('Give a string: ')
[m, n] = size(str);
C = 0;
for i = 1:n
if str(i) == ' '
pos_blanks(C) = i;
first_word = str(1:pos_blanks(1)-1);
perm_of_first_word = randi(first_word);

Accepted Answer

Roger Stafford
Roger Stafford on 11 Jan 2018
To obtain a random permutation of 'first_word' you need the 'randperm' function, not 'randi':
perm_of_first_word = first_word(randperm(length(first_word)));
Roger Stafford
Roger Stafford on 12 Jan 2018
@Mitul Dattani: Here is how you can do the whole problem, which, as I understand it, is to randomly permute the characters within each of the "words" in a given input string:
str = input('Give a string: ');
pstr = str; % pstr will receive the permuted result
d = diff([false,str~=' ',false]); % For comparing successive characters
f1 = find(d>0); % Indices of first character in each word
f2 = find(d<0)-1; % Indices of final character in each word
for k = 1:length(f1) % Loop once for each word
w = str(f1(k):f2(k)); % Get the k-th word
pstr(f1(k):f2(k)) = w(randperm(f2(k)-f1(k)+1)); % Randomly permute its characters

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