Microstrip terminated with load impedance

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Kevin Paulson
Kevin Paulson on 9 Jan 2018
Commented: Kevin Paulson on 19 Feb 2018
Using rf toolbox I'd like to model a single port network consisting of a microstrip terminated with an impedance. I have tried lots of things with totally unintelligible error messages. The last, and least plausible attempt was:
MicroStrip_1 = rfckt.microstrip('EpsilonR',2.5,'Height',0.0015,'LineLength',0.1,'Width',0.0045); Network = circuit(); add(Network,[1 2],MicroStrip_1); add(Network,[2 2],resistor(50));

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Sharan Paramasivam Murugesan
The function circuit() is not to create a network, but to create a circuit that can only contain resistor, capacitor and inductor or other circuits. To create a RF network, look into the constructors that are used to create a network in the below documentation
For example, rfckt.series can be used to create a RF network in which the components(or networks) are connected in series.
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Kevin Paulson
Kevin Paulson on 19 Feb 2018
Thanks Sharan. Despite quite a lot of experience with Matlab, I am finding the RF Toolbox very obscure and difficult to use. If I do as you suggest I end up with a two port network, where I really wanted a single port network. I can combine the 2-port S-parameters to get the S-parameter for a one port network, but I feel like I shouldn't have to do this.

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