Need help with plotting accelerometer readings from MPU6050 + Arduino.

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Hannah Sabir
Hannah Sabir on 31 Dec 2017
Answered: Gayatri Menon on 7 Jan 2022
I've written some code in Arduino to collect accelerometer readings from my MPU6050. I now need to plot live readings on a graph on MATLAB but I don't know where to begin. Can anyone point my in the right direction please, im a total newbie with MATLAB.
Thank you in advance!
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Hi. I am Nazira. I want to ask may you share the code in Arduino the one that you mention? Because I also now do a project to monitor real time of an earthquake by using MPU6050 with Arduino and Matlab. Do you mind to help me?

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Answers (3)

magate on 31 Dec 2017
Import tool should be the easiest way to get started. Good luck!
magate on 31 Dec 2017
That is going to be a little more complicated. You could try this or just opening a serial connection.

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Mustafa Abu-Mallouh
Mustafa Abu-Mallouh on 30 Dec 2018
Write a loop that updates a dataset with new data pulled from the sensor every iteration. Then, plot the updated dataset on the same figure within the iteration. See example below:
i = 0; % Initialize counter
max_data_len = 360; % Desired dataset length
% Initialize variable size for speed
Angle = zeros(max_data_len,1);
Accel_X = zeros(max_data_len,1);
while i < max_data_len
i = i+1; % Step iteration
Angle(i) = i; % Use counter variable as angle
Accel_X(i) = sind(i); % Store sine of angle
figure(1) % Ensure plotting on same figure
plot(Angle,Accel_X); grid
xlabel('Angle [degrees]')
ylabel('Sine of Angle')

Gayatri Menon
Gayatri Menon on 7 Jan 2022
For Arduino board, you could use mpu6050() to connect MPU6050 sensor
a = arduino;
imu = mpu6050(a);
ylabel('Acceleration (m/s^2)');
title('Acceleration values from mpu6050 sensor');
x_val = animatedline('Color','r');
y_val = animatedline('Color','g');
z_val = animatedline('Color','b');
axis tight;
legend('Acceleration in X-axis','Acceleration in Y-axis','Acceleration in Z-axis');
stop_time = 100;
count = 1;
while(toc <= stop_time)
[accel] = readAcceleration(imu);
count = count + 1;
drawnow limitrate;
Hope this helps

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