Plot surface with 3 vectors x,y,z?

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maxmathlab on 20 Dec 2017
I have 3 vectors with a few 1000 measurement points. How do I 3D plot this data where x is on the x-axis and so on? I tried comet3 and surf but can't figure it out. Played a little with meshgrid but dont think its what I want. I need to plot data were I can see that when x was 10 that y and z were some values.

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Ramnarayan Krishnamurthy
Ramnarayan Krishnamurthy on 28 Dec 2017
Did you try plot3 or scatter3?
If you are looking to simply "plot" the 1000 points where the triplet (x,y,z) represents a point on the plot, you could use either of the functions above.
X = 1:5;
Y = 6:10;
Z = 11:15;

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