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Is it possible to Create Custom Arduino Add-On Device, Library, or Code for Arduino DUE?

Asked by NICHOLAS GIACOBONI on 11 Dec 2017
Latest activity Commented on by NICHOLAS GIACOBONI on 26 Mar 2018
I wrote a custom Arduino Add-On following documentation (Create Custom Arduino Add-On Device, Library, or Code) that works very well on Arduino UNO and MEGA. When I update my Add-On on Arduino DUE using the following command:
a = arduino('COM10', 'due', 'Libraries', 'ExampleAddon/HX711');
an error occurs: Cannot program board Due (COM10). Please make sure the board is supported and the port and board type are correct. For more information, see Arduino Hardware Troubleshooting.
The arduino board is original and works well when using Matlab Support package and libraries such as SPI or I2C. If I upload the Arduino server with "arduinosetup" command, no errors occur and my library is detected by "listArduinoLibraries", but when I create an arduino object, Matlab starts uploading server again without my library. I thought there's some special code that must be included in C++ header file, but I can't find anything in documentation. In Matlab support package description this functionality seems to be supported.


Hi Nicholas, I was looking for an Add-On library for the HX711 load cell ADC amplifier to use with the Arduino UNO. Would you consider to share your library in the file-exchange or send it privately? Thank you.
Hi Carlosgb86, I would be glad to share my library. It will be done within next week.
Here you'll find my library with the User's Manual:

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Answer by Menghan
on 13 Dec 2017
Edited by Menghan
on 13 Dec 2017
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Hi Nicholas,
Please contact MathWorks Technical Support for this issue and make sure you provide them your custom add-on code( the entire folder ) to get better support.
MathWorks - MATLAB Hardware Team

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Hi Menghan,
thank you for your answer, I'll contact MathWorks Technical Support as soon as possible.

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