How do i create a simplified version of a continuous time unit step function?

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For a class we have to create a simplified version of a continuos time unit step function as well as a pulse signal and a ramp signal this is what i have so far
%%Continuous Time Step Function
function p=crwstep(t) % random name
For my pulse signal I have to use the step signal and this is what i have, which i think is correct(once i get the step signal down, %% Pulse Function
function p=crwpulse(t,m,n)
What am i doing wrong??

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Nick Choi
Nick Choi am 6 Dez. 2017
Bearbeitet: Nick Choi am 6 Dez. 2017
The following example shows how to create a variety of signals such as the unit impulse, unit step and unit ramp signals:

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