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how to make phased.Cos​ineAntenna​Element element pattern in z-direction

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phased.CosineAntennaElement will generate antenna pattern its maximum direction is in x-direction. How to let 'phased.CosineAntennaElement' element pattern pointing z-direction?

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Chen am 8 Dez. 2017
Many thanks, I tried and it works.

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David Fink
David Fink am 4 Dez. 2017
A linear array or planar array can be used to specify the MRA (main response axis, which is the maximum direction). Here I use a planar array:
A = phased.URA('ArrayNormal','z')
H = phased.CosineAntennaElement
A.Element = H

Chen am 7 Dez. 2017
Thanks David, I will try it.

Chen am 7 Dez. 2017
Hello David In my application, I use phased.ConformalArray. 1. there is no 'ArrayNormal' in it. 2. If my conformalArray is on a sphere, is there way let each Cosine element pointing to the direction that I want to point? Thanks Chen
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David Fink
David Fink am 7 Dez. 2017
Yes - for the phased.ConformalArray, the ElementNormal property can be set to specify the normal vector for each element, in the form [azimuth elevation], both measured in degrees.

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