Missing simscape power systems

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Naif Alanazi
Naif Alanazi am 1 Dez. 2017
I downloaded Matlab R2017b with my university ID, but I could not find the " simscape power systems" toolbox. Even though I deleted Matlab and reinstalled it still cannot find it.
Could you please help me to find it? Is it available for me? since I am using my college ID?

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Nick Choi
Nick Choi am 4 Dez. 2017
Bearbeitet: Nick Choi am 4 Dez. 2017
Is 'Simscape Power Systems' displayed when you execute the following command?
>> ver
If it is not displayed by the 'ver' command, this means that the toolbox is not installed on your computer. You can view which products are included on your license by going to 'My Account' at the top of this page and then 'My Software'.
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Rajeev Lochan Premayogi
Rajeev Lochan Premayogi am 13 Apr. 2021
did you figure out how to use power systems? I have the same problem.

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