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Reverse the colorbar axis

Asked by Claire
on 30 Apr 2012
Latest activity Commented on by prio
on 1 Apr 2018
I have a contourf plot, which I plotted across the range 2 to -2. I have edited the colormap to get it to move between green and brown.
I don't want to change the colormap, or the values that are associated with each color. All I want to do is essentially flip the colorbar, so that -2 is at the top, and 2 is at the bottom.
All the solutions I have found so far only flip the colors, which is not what I want to do.
I'm basically looking for an equivalent function to: set(gcf,'YDir','reverse') but for the colorbar.
I'd appreciate any help I can get. Cheers, Claire.

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Cody Webb on 25 Oct 2015
How did you flip just the colors and not the axis?

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1 Answer

Answer by Geoff
on 30 Apr 2012
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The call to colorbar returns a handle. There's lots of options in there to set, and you'll find the one you wanted, too.
h = colorbar;
set( h, 'YDir', 'reverse' );


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on 10 Feb 2014
awesomeeeeeeeee!!! I really needed that. Thanks
thanks! I spent a lot of time trying to reverse it!
on 1 Apr 2018
Thanks a lot!

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