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Multiple window application with APPDESIGNER (MODAL WINDOW, locking background window)

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Hi every one I just read the article on multiple window application in APPDESIGNER, and though I understood how to share data between windows. But my main problem is regarding locking the background window, while the "popup" (another window, for options) is displayed.. both windows are build using appdesigner!
Some ideias one how to approach this!?!

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JClarcq am 8 Feb. 2018
Read documentation there is an example
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Carina Schwab
Carina Schwab am 24 Apr. 2018
Unfortunately, the linked example does not mention how to create the second window in "modal" mode. I think what Francisco was looking for - and what I am looking for too - is to disable the background window (manually achievable by disabling all elements) AND prevent that the opened second window can hide behind the background window.

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Harshit Singh
Harshit Singh am 9 Okt. 2018
During callback delete the current UIFigure.
Just add
to the callback function


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