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3D Farfield radiation pattern

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Roman Klimovich
Roman Klimovich on 20 Nov 2017
Hello everyone,
I've measured an antenna with rotation stand and got results for phi, theta and measured power. Phi and Theta are vectors, and P is the 2D power matrix. Because the antenna wasn't centered I used rotation matrices to compensate for the shift so after this compensation I got three 2D matrices - for Theta, for Phi and for Power. A used surf(Theta, Phi, P) and got :
Now this is a good visualization, but I want to plot in polar axes, so it will look more like this:
Roman Klimovich
Roman Klimovich on 20 Nov 2017
Tried that, but it looks more of the same - I need to plot my data on 3D spherical axes, to look like farfield of the antenna that you get when you use pattern function (part of the antenna design toolbox)

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Roman Klimovich
Roman Klimovich on 20 Nov 2017
I found a function called patternCustom that plots the radiation pattern, only when theta and phi are vectors, and power is a matrix. The problem is it shows the radiation pattern compressed in azimuth direction:
Does anyone have a solution for this?

Georgios Kyriakou
Georgios Kyriakou on 3 Jan 2020
I used the patternCustom(magE,theta,phi) and it worked. You should take care to call it properly, that is vector theta should be row and phi should be column, and magE should be of size [length(phi) length(theta)]. Also angles should be given in degrees. I got this for the pattern I was trying to plot, which is pretty much what I expected
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Mahesh Babu Dhanekula
Mahesh Babu Dhanekula on 9 Aug 2020
can you please send me the piece of codes including data, i have exported a farfield data file from cst and it consists of 65160 x 8 columns data. I want to know how we can generate a 2D matrix of magE from the absolute gain values which is a column vector. Theta and phi are also column vectors in cst exported file.
PS. Reshape function might help me but i don't know how to use it here.

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