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How to index a cell

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Lei am 27 Apr. 2012
Hi everyone, I have a text file and I imported it with textscan, but i have problem to index cell. Anybody would like to give a hand ? Thanks!
whos a Name Size Bytes Class Attributes
a 1x5 107750 cell
a is my cell. a{1,1} is 169*1 cell.
I tried to use size or length. for instance size a(1)...etc
but the returned outcome is 1. It should be 169. I dont know why.

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Thomas am 27 Apr. 2012
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Lei am 27 Apr. 2012
hi Thomas,
Thanks! Your answer works! Actually, I googled it and I found this one. I am just getting confused since somewhere said my cell a is a nested cell, is this right? i.e., A cell can contain another cell array, or even an array of cell arrays.

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