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Did anybody know how to close scientific notatin in simulink model

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wenlong on 18 Nov 2017
Answered: Birdman on 20 Nov 2017
I built a simulink model, there was an very small gain 5.42e-6, could you help me to express it as 0.0000542? Thanks
wenlong on 20 Nov 2017
Hi, I use the cocosim toolsets, for example, I set the gain to 0.000001 in the original simulink model, but it would be 1e-6 in the generated simulink model

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Birdman on 20 Nov 2017
Well, I tried to embed the vpa function into a MATLAB Function but as I previously guessed, it is not supported in Simulink. According to my knowledge, MATLAB forces you to use scientific notation in any place, you are just able to change the display format from MATLAB command line and Simulink. In the model, if you change the display format to decimal(Stored Integer), then you are able to see up to 4 digits but more digits are automatically converted to scientific notation.

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