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Simplify Forward Kinematics symbolic solver output

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monkey_matlab am 14 Nov. 2017
Hello, in the code below, the output for the sybmolic solver gives very large numerators and denominators. I tried using the different commands like 'Simplify', 'digits' 'format short', 'vpa(TE)' (this produces the error Unable to convert 'SE2' to 'sym'.) otherwise the output is always the same:
[ 102761915894836734408433835770649/162259276829213363391578010288128, -62785471167225071384878082235027/81129638414606681695789005144064, (2778747088940329*a1)/18014398509481984 + (102761915894836734408433835770649*a2)/162259276829213363391578010288128]...
How to simplify this output? Thanks!
%%Forward Kinematics
import ETS2.*
syms a1 a2 x y real
q1 = 30; q2 = 40;
E = Rz('q1') * Tx(a1) * Rz('q2') * Tx(a2);
TE = E.fkine( [q1,q2] );

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