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How to draw a line from the variable y-axis

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I am making a 2D plot. The x-axis is located at y = 0, but I do not know the position of the y-axis, it depends on the results. Is there a way to find the x position of the y-axis? (I do not want a fixed location of the y-axis, as it should depend on the results.)
Martin Olafsen
Martin Olafsen on 6 Nov 2017
Ok. I'm trying to make a line from the x-axis to my chosen result point, and a line from the y-axis to the result. For a line from the x-axis I did this:
plot([resultX resultX], [0 resultY])
For a line from the y-axis I would do something of the nature to:
plot(["(y-axis location on x-axis)" resultX],[resultY resultY])
I do not know what to use for y-axis location on x-axis, as the location varies. I don't quite understand what information is missing, hopefully this clears it up.

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Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 6 Nov 2017
You can use xlim() and ylim() to determine the limits of the axes that MATLAB used and drew on your graph
xLimits = xlim();
yLimits = ylim();

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