Using writetable in a loop to save each iteration as a new line

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Eric Jenkins
Eric Jenkins on 3 Nov 2017
Commented: William Harris on 30 Sep 2021
I am trying to use writetable in a loop so that each iteration prints on a new line. Since the data is only one row, I would want something like A1, A2, A3... but it seems like this can't be done because 'A1' is a string. This is what I have:
for w = 1:n %each folder has a different number of files defined by n
writetable(T,filename, 'Sheet',1,'Range', 'A(w)') %this needs to be 'A1' to assign the location of the table, but is there a way to use A(index)?
Thanks a bunch

Accepted Answer

Chenchal on 3 Nov 2017
use ['A' num2str(w)] where w = 1 or a loop var
% code
writetable(T,filename,'Sheet',1,'Range', ['A' num2str(w)])
William Harris
William Harris on 30 Sep 2021
To keep the headings you can use an if clause:
init_cell = sprintf( 'A%s',num2str(count) );
if count == 1
writetable(T, filename, 'Sheet', 1, 'Range', init_cell);
writetable(T, filename, 'Sheet', 1, 'Range', init_cell, 'WriteVariableNames', false);
However, I am getting an issue with this where the final table doesn't include the first row of data. Does anyone have a fix for this?

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