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Generating Training data Matrix for ANFIS in prediction application

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saeed am 23 Apr. 2012
I am going to use ANFIS for prediction in Multi-input application. I checked lots of examples but all use this type of Training Matrix that is for single-input system:
Training Matrix=[ x(t-3T) x(t-2T) x(t-T) x(t) x(t+T) ]
is there anybody that can help me to generate above matrix for Multi-input system?
your guidance is highly appreciated in advance.

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Win co
Win co am 26 Apr. 2012
Hi, I don't understant why you said the training matrix is for single-input system. In fact, the matrix you gave has 4 first columns which are the input of ANFIS, so we have 4 inputs, and the last column correspond to the single-ouput. This 4-input and 1-output ANFIS model is presented in many scientific articles in time-serie prediction. Winn


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