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Gui Pop Up Menu Problem

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Edward am 22 Apr. 2012
Hi, ive got a simple gui with just a pop up menu,
I want to set the value of the string for each element of the pop up menu within the gui program, so the strings can change, say for example if i wanted the menu to have selectable days of the week, but the top element of the menu says 'yesterday' and the following elements are days before that.
How do i refer to each element of the menu within a program?
[Merged duplicate question]
Hi im trying to write a gui with a pop up menu where i can change the string of each element within the program.
how do i refer to each string element of the pop up menu? for example with a regular array you refer to the 5th value as array(5), how do i refer to the 5th string of a pop up menu?
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Jan am 22 Apr. 2012
Aaargh. I've tried to post an answer in the other thread some seconds ago. After submitting it, the thread has vanished and my answer also. I'm not motivated to type it again.
Please, Edward, do not double-post. It is tedious for the ones, who want to help you.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson am 29 Apr. 2012
Sorry Jan I must have merged the question out from underneath you.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson am 22 Apr. 2012
popupstrings = cellstr(get(Handle, 'String'));
popupstrings{5} = 'Ago';
set(Handle, 'String', popupstrings);

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