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How to convert cell with numeric and string-nan into TYPE double

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Dear all, I have a cell with the combination of number and string NaN. May I know how I can convert the content into a double type? The cell is attach together with this thread.
Thanks in advance

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Matthew am 3 Okt. 2017
Something like the below works fairly well. Use cellfun to search for numeric values, and save them into the doubles array. Then convert everything else into NaNs (or whatever else you want the NaNs to be).
cr_double = zeros(size(cr_manual))
cr_number = cellfun(@(x) isnumeric(x),cr_manual)
cr_double(cr_number) = [cr_manual{cr_number}]
cr_double(~cr_number) = NaN
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balandong am 5 Okt. 2017
Hi Matthew,
Thanks for the quick reply. Your suggestion work like a charm, really appreciate it.

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