Wrong data-size being returned by 'FETCH' (64-bit, DatabaseToolBx)

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I have a GETDATA.m file on my machine which has 32bit Matlab on WinXP. The same file is also run from a server which has 64bit Matlab on WinServer2003.
GETDATA executes a stored procedure and returns the result table. Its normal output is 8000 rows (approx) and 4 cols. The data is alphanumeric.
Problem --> GETDATA behaves erratically when run from the 64bit server. The number of rows returned is random! The same file when run from my local machine around the same time returns the right data.
The 64bit server runs other stored procedures as well and they all return correct data. The problem occurs only in GETDATA.m file! The code looks like:
setdbprefs('DataReturnFormat', 'cellarray');
conn = database(name,login,password);
curs = exec(conn, SQLstoredp_withParameters);
RequiredData = curs.Data; %Wrong number of rows
I have spent hours debugging it but I cannot resolve it. Thanks!

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Titus Edelhofer
Titus Edelhofer on 18 Apr 2012
strange indeed. Does curs.Message display anything useful? BTW: I would first close curs, then conn, but that's of course not the problem you see ...
Titus Edelhofer
Titus Edelhofer on 19 Apr 2012
Hi Madhuresh, in this case I have no clue how to diagnose the problem without looking directly onto it, I must admit, I have no further idea. You might contact MathWorks Technical Support, perhaps they can help you diagnose the problem ...

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Christophe on 18 Jun 2012
I have exactly the same issue. 2 same fetch functions are behaving differently between a 64 bit machine and a 32 bit. The 64 beeing the one that doesn't work properly.
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Madhuresh on 10 May 2013
While I could never resolve this issue, I learned some valuable lessons - such problem occurred with only string type data and not integer. I actually updated all my SQL codes to return the number of rows as the top most row. Matlab now verifies that the top row = remaining_number_of_rows. If not, the code is re-run.

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Aubai on 19 Apr 2017
Did Anyone get answer for this question??
I am having the same Problem here


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