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How to import file from Tornado (VLM) to Matlab Simulink?

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Javed am 25 Sep. 2017
Hi guys, How do you import and run an output result (file) from Tornado VLM to Matlab simulink? I did a modeling of a UAV in Tornado and need to run a simulation

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Ramanuja Jagannathan
Ramanuja Jagannathan am 4 Okt. 2017
Hey, I have not familiar with Tornado, but from a quick research I understand that Tornado results are stored as 'struct' data types. If that's the case, then the a particular field can be used in 'From Workspace' block if it's a time series. But in order to provide better solution, can you shed light on the type of data from Tornado and explain what variable you intend to import to Simulink?

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