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solve equation obtained from a fit function

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Win co
Win co am 17 Apr. 2012
Kommentiert: fran tedesco am 25 Jan. 2019
Hi, I know how to use function "fit" to fit data (X,Y). Par ex: after fitting, I have a fit function like that : y=fit(x). My problem is that how to solve this equation when given a value of y which does not belong to Y data set. Thanks for your helps ! Regards, Winn
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fran tedesco
fran tedesco am 25 Jan. 2019
Hi! i have the same problem. Have you find the way?

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QuocBao Vu
QuocBao Vu am 17 Apr. 2012
hmm I don't think there is a function called fit in matlab and you elaborate on how you found the parameters of the function or method you used

Win co
Win co am 17 Apr. 2012


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