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How can I continually update the UI Axes in App Designer to display images from a CMOS camera?

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Cody LaBelle
Cody LaBelle on 12 Sep 2017
Commented: Ahmer Shahid on 13 Nov 2018
I would like to create a video feed in the UI Axes in App Designer. At the moment, I am updating the CData of the figure, though I am having large lag times. The code that I am using runs quickly--in about 100ms--but the image on the UI Axes updates approximately every two seconds. Preferably, the video feed would run parallel so that I can also interact with my GUI simultaneously. Is there a way to use the UI Axes to run this type of figure?

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karim botros
karim botros on 7 Mar 2018
it works in app designer.
u can use global if you want to use the object camera in other fun.
global cam
setappdata(app.UIAxes, 'cam', cam);

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