How can I plot a polar plot with varying colour

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john pappachen
john pappachen am 12 Sep. 2017
Beantwortet: Star Strider am 12 Sep. 2017
I have three values azimuth(A), elevation(E) and corresponding data values(V). I plot a polar plot using the command polar(A,V), and the plot I got is given below. But I want to show my third value ie; my data values corresponding to each azimuth and elevation in varying colour. is it possible?
I am attaching the data file herewith kindly looking for your suggestions
Thanking You

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José-Luis am 12 Sep. 2017
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José-Luis am 12 Sep. 2017
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Star Strider
Star Strider am 12 Sep. 2017
Please see my Answer to your previous Question: How can I plot 3D polar plot in MATLAB.
D = load('data.txt');
Az = D(:,1);
El = D(:,2);
Rd = D(:,3);
cn = ceil(max(El)); % Number Of Colors
cm = colormap(jet(cn));
polarscatter(Az*pi/180, Rd, [], cm(fix(El),:), 'filled')
grid on


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