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Help me in FUZZY

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Mohamed am 15 Apr. 2012
Beantwortet: Can Alevli am 26 Mär. 2014
i have a already a running system with 5 input and 1 output and i want to make a research for change control to fuzzy
i start matlab and insert my input and output but i didn't have a rules!!
i have only recorded history file from my running system with data of values inputs and output , for example of file:
Input1 input2 Input3 input4 input5 output1
2 3 6 2 4 0
3 2 5 5 3 1
and so on
then when the input1=2 and input2=3 and input3=6 and input4=2 and input5=4 the output1=0
How can i give this file to matlab (Or any anther software) to generate the rules?
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Gbola am 4 Mai 2012
You may wish to upload the program.

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Win co
Win co am 23 Apr. 2012
I suggest you to read tutorial of "ANFIS GUI". ANFIS means adaptive neural-fuzzy inference system that is the combination between neural network and fuzzy logic. You just have to give the input and the output data to this system, it will generate automatically the rules. the command to call ANFIS GUI is "anfisedit" Good luck Winn

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Win co
Win co am 20 Apr. 2012
Did you read the tutorial of Fuzzy toolbox ? Begin doing an example in the tutorial, you will understand how to generate the rules
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Mohamed am 22 Apr. 2012
i read and make doing the example of feed and service, but in this example he have the rules and he enter them, but i don't have and if i try a (try and error) i will try thousands , but i want to enter the input and output and software generate the rules automatically.

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Gbola am 24 Apr. 2012
I suggest you create linguistic variables, membership functions, use fuzzy sets and lastly use IF...THEN statements to create your rules.

Can Alevli
Can Alevli am 26 Mär. 2014
Mohamed,Did you try these solutions for your problem ? I have same problem. Could you help me ?Please


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