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write a matrix from a function (say h(m,n), where m and n are running index)

Asked by sachin k on 30 Aug 2017
Latest activity Commented on by sachin k on 30 Aug 2017
Suppose I want to write a matrix from a function (h(m,n)), so in mathematica, It can be written in foollowing way " Table[h[m, n], {m, 1, 3}, {n,1, 3}];" this will wrtie a matrix of 3x3, how to do the same thing in matlab ??


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1 Answer

Answer by José-Luis
on 30 Aug 2017
Edited by José-Luis
on 30 Aug 2017

myFun = @(x,y) x.^2 + y;
result = bsxfun(myFun,1:3,(1:3).')
If I understood your question right, then you'd just need to replace myFun with your own function.


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Basically I Want to write the following function;
lagu=@(j,k,l) feval(symengine,'laguerreL',j,k,l);
ele1=@(j,k) exp(0.25)*sqrt(2.^k/factorial(k))*sqrt(factorial (j)/2.^j)*lagu(j,k-j,-0.5)*(0.5).^(k-j);
ele2=@(j,k) exp(0.25)*sqrt(2.^k/factorial(k))*sqrt(factorial (j)/2.^j)*lagu(j,k-j,-0.5)*(-0.5).^(k-j);
el=@(j,k) 0.5*i*(ele1(j,k)-ele2(j,k));
when I run this, it gives so many errors, please help
el should produce a scalar for this approach to work. I don't have the symbolic math toolbox so I can't test your code.

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