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tall array with sqlite3

Asked by Guilherme Salome on 22 Aug 2017
Latest activity Edited by José-Luis
on 22 Aug 2017
I have a sqlite3 database (.db) stored in my hard drive, and I would like to use the tall array functionality with it. The problem is that I cannot connect to it using the databaseDatastore function. Running:
dbpath = fullfile(pwd,'options.db');
conn = sqlite(dbpath,'readonly');
dbds = databaseDatastore(conn,'SELECT * FROM DATA');
I get an error saying that the value of 'conn' is invalid, and that I should be using 'database.jdbc.connection'.
Question: I have a sqlite3 database and want to use tall arrays with it. How do I do it?
Thanks for helping! :D


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1 Answer

Answer by José-Luis
on 22 Aug 2017
 Accepted Answer

Save yourself a headache and use sqlite() instead.


Hey Jose, that is what I tried using, but it is not working with the databaseDatastore function. All I want is to have
tt = tall(dbds);
So that I can deal with a big amount of data. Any suggestions?

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