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Additional wavelets that can be used in 2D CWT?

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Michael am 22 Aug. 2017
Kommentiert: Michael am 25 Aug. 2017
I was hoping that I could use additional wavelets beyond the wavelets that are supported by cwtft2. Specifically the Meyer and Coiflet wavelets.
Is there a way to do this?

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Wayne King
Wayne King am 25 Aug. 2017
Hi Michael, in order to use a wavelet in CWTFT2, we need to have the expression for the Fourier transform of the wavelet. The wavelets in CWTFT2 are all defined in the Fourier domain and the algorithm is implemented as a 2D convolution via a 2D DFT.
Coiflets for example are defined simply via the scaling and wavelet filters and implemented in a pyramid algorithm which is suitable for discrete analysis but not continuous analysis.
If you want a redundant wavelet transform in 2D that uses coiflets, have you considered SWT2?
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Michael am 25 Aug. 2017
I'm new to the world of wavelets, I had not considered SWT2. Thanks for the answer and clarification.

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