In simscapepowersystems_ST, which block (pi or distributed) is very accurate for modelling a cable with R, X and B (/km) given?

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I am modelling a network in simscapepowersystems_ST. I have cables data for my network. I want to model the cables but i am not sure which block between pi and distributed is okay. It is for unbalanced network.

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Sharan Paramasivam Murugesan
If by "unbalanced network" you mean the transmission line's parameters are different for each phase, you cannot use Pi Section Line block.
Else if the transmission lines are symmetric and the rest of the system is unbalanced, then in general, both models are accurate, they just use different modeling approaches. One may be more accurate than another in specific applications. For instance, for EMT studies, one will most likely have higher fidelity results using the Distributed Parameter Line. Note that higher fidelity comes at a trade off with simulation speed. I suggest referring to the documentation for each and determine which is best suited for your application.
The mathematical relationship between the parameters of each block is shown in the Simscape Power System Simscape Compenent's documenation of the Transmission Line Block. <>
For documentation on Distributed Parameter line:

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