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MatLab C++ Shared Dll library initialization problem

Asked by kishore
on 21 Aug 2017
Latest activity Edited by Viren Gupta on 12 Oct 2018
could you please provide the compatibility version for MATLAB R2016b with visual studio version.
same issue with MATLAB R2016b with visual studio 2013.

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Hello, have you solved the problem of access violation? I have the same problem as yours. I appriciate it very much if you could tell me how to solve this.

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2 Answers

Answer by Anatoly Khamukhin on 25 Jan 2018

The same problem (Matlab2017 + VS 2015) for me. Probably there is some conflict with java used by MATLAB.
I've fixed it by
const char *args[] = {"-nojvm"};
const int count = sizeof(args) / sizeof(args[0]);
mclInitializeApplication(args, count))
instead of


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Answer by José-Luis
on 21 Aug 2017
Edited by José-Luis
on 21 Aug 2017

This was the third hit on the list when googling "compatible compilers matlab 2016b".
Just a hint for the next time you try figuring out something like that.


thanks a lot! could you please help me with the following issues. I'm dealing with C++ and while debugging failing at <lib>Initialize(). if you need any further information please ping me. error: Access violation reading location
Access violation: you are trying to access an invalid memory location.
What's the source of the error? No idea without looking at your code. This is something that is easier to troubleshoot using a debugger than reading code, unless it's glaringly obvious.
Also, that is a totally different question.
Please accept the answer that best solves your problem. It is the only "payment" us volunteers get.
Were you able to solve the issue of Access violation? I am facing a similar issue and need some help!

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