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Can I find a way to specify Initial Condition at each node using 'solvepde' function? or to specify different materials using 'parabolic' function?

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Hello Matlabor, I salute for your attention. I'm in dilemma with using 'solvepde' or 'parabolic' function.
Here is the geometry I want to analyse I have combined two materials with different physical properties and analyse to heat transfer them separately to front view and right view.
When I analyzed the front view, I used a ‘parabolic’ function to do mesh analysis, so I could give the initial conditions to each node as I wanted (for example, give a different temperature to the center)
However, when I analyzed the right view, I could not use the ‘parabolic’ function because the property was different. I can set the coefficient differently according to the material property by using the ‘Face’ in ‘specifyCoefficients’ function. At this time, I could not specify the initial conditions to each node point arbitrarily.
As result, How can I specify initial conditions to each node point as I want, and how can I find a way to assign different physical properties using one function?

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MarionJ am 2 Okt. 2017
If your properties do not change I think it is enough to define a Matrix with the value of the property defined for each Center Point of the triangles of your mesh.
If your properties are for example temperature dependent the Matrix has to be generated in a function. With parabolic-solver you can define for example the temperature-dependent conductivity of your material in a function. This function will be called by the solver automatically during solving. Temperature has to be given as Input.
T = parabolic(T0,t,b,p,e,t,c,a,f,d);
with c='lambda(T)'
It's easier for coefficient a or d, were you can define a char separated with "!" for each material:

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