How can I connect an impedance measurement block with a simscape system?

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I need some help with my simscape model. I created a system consisting of different blocks of the simscape (Electrical elements) library. To analyze the baviour I would like to include an impedance measurement block, which belongs to the simpower Elements.
How can I connect it to my present system? I've already try tu use a current-voltage-/voltage-current-simscape-interface but it doesn't work at all.
Can someone help me with this problem?
Otherwise I would like to measure the impedance in another way. Any ideas?

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Sharan Paramasivam Murugesan
Unfortunately you cannnot. Impedance measurement block can only be used with Specialized technology blocks and cannot be used with Simscape electrical elements. To measure impedance, you have to design your model using Specialized technology blocks and use Impedance measurement block in it. Refer to the following example for usage of this block:
Anosh Mevawalla
Anosh Mevawalla on 10 Jan 2021
I am also working on the same issue. I have heard people use FFT their voltage current data in matlab workspace and then doing a ./ using V=IZ but i am unfamilar with FFT. You can export to workspace block you will need the ps-simulink converter block before the simout.

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