build quadrature mixers in simulink

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Yan Lu
Yan Lu on 17 Aug 2017
I want to build quadrature mixers topology in Simulink and looked up into some examples. I meet some problems. Could someone help me with that?
The example I looked into is (You also can type ex_simrf_dc in the command window in Matlab) The carrier frequency of RF is 2.45G with 2Hz modulation.In the example case, LO frequency equals to the carrier frequency of RF. I want the receiver to be low-IF, not zero-IF, so I changed the LO signal, for instance to 2.44Ghz, and also change the ‘Carrier frequencies’ in RF-SL block to (carriers.RF-carriers.LO).Delete everything with blocker signal. I think this signal is not needed
The question is the output result of I/Q only show the modulated RF signal which is not mixed with LO. Could anyone explain with me and tell me the solution?

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Sharan Paramasivam Murugesan

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