Matlab 2016b command is black after Windows Update

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Jan am 10 Aug. 2017
Bearbeitet: Jan am 4 Sep. 2017
After installing KB4034664 in the last days (10-Aug-2017), the contents of Matlab's command window is not displayed anymore: it is either black or transparent, such that I can see the windows behind it. Only the border of the window is shown. Matlab is working: I can type in commands and run code, but cannot see anything in the command window.
This is most likely a problem with the drivers of my NVIDIA GT730 graphics drivers and a dual monitor setup, and not of Matlab, but it does not occur in any other application.
The solution is trivial, but perhaps it is useful for somebody, who did not find the reason of the problems: Uninstall KB4034664
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Jan am 11 Aug. 2017
@Akhilesh Thakur: See my pseudo-answer.
N/A am 15 Aug. 2017
Bearbeitet: N/A am 15 Aug. 2017
  • KB4034664 causes trouble for many different programs when working on a second screen and is not limited to a specific display driver, just search the internet.For me, it is MATLAB R2014a on Windows 7 (32 bit) with a Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family. Uninstalling KB4034664 solves the problem.
  • Thank you very much for your post. Please do not delete it, as some people might try to install (old versions of) this update later on.
  • Note the naming similarity to the now infamous update KB2952664.

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Jan am 22 Aug. 2017
Bearbeitet: Jan am 4 Sep. 2017
Summary of possible solutions:
  • Uninstall KB4034664
  • Enable an Aero theme in Windows
  • Set the main monitor to the left to avoid negative screen coordinates

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Jan am 11 Aug. 2017
I did not take a screen shot early enough, because I was sure to found the solution after the uninstalling was successful. But here is a manually created image of how it looks like
instead of:
Sometimes I saw the windows of desktop image instead of the black area as mdl241. The problem concerned the editor windows also, when it was opened on the second monitor.

mdl241 am 14 Aug. 2017
The workaround from the MathWorks helpdesk is to set your Windows theme to enable Aero. This works for me. I either have to do this or run MATLAB from my primary monitor.

Tom am 14 Aug. 2017
I am also having an issue almost identical to this that began sometime in the last week since I used Matlab last (note: I am running Matlab 2016a).
Essentially, the Matlab program as a whole does not graphically "update" when it is in my secondary monitor. For instance, if I type something (in a script, command window, etc.), nothing appears. If I move Matlab to my primary monitor, the new text will appear after any "refreshing" action (i.e. typing something more, maximizing the window). All issues are limited to occurring only when Matlab is in my secondary monitor.


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